Felicia Tan

I conduct human-computer interaction (HCI) ​research at the National University of Singapore,​ Smart Systems Institute and will be starting my ​PhD at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in ​Fall 2024.

I’ve worked primarily with experimental research ​methods, exploring the design of technological ​tools and systems that foster lifelong learning and ​health/wellbeing practices.​

I resonate very much with the notion of “quietly​ supportive” technologies — technologies that​ seamlessly integrate into daily life without​ disruption. What this means precisely, continually​ evolves as I learn and grow as a researcher.​





AudioXtend: Assisted Reality Visual Accompaniments for Audiobook Storytelling During Everyday Routine Tasks

(CHI ‘24)

Tan, F., Xu, P., Ram, A., Suen, W. Z., Zhao, S., Huang, Y., & Hurter, C.

Facilitating Virtual Reality Integration in Medical Education: A Case Study of Acceptability and Learning Impact in Childbirth Delivery Training

(CHI ‘24)

Liu, C., Tan, F., Zhao, S., Kanneganti, A., Gosavi, A. T., & Khoo, E. T.


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